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So how big is A1 paper? What size envelope do I need to specify? What are the standard poster sizes?

You can find the answer to all these questions here.

'A' Range

‘A’ Range:
A7 105mm x 74mm
A6 148mm x 105mm
A5 210mm x 148mm
A4 297mm x 210mm
A3 420mm x 297mm
A2 594mm x 420mm
A1 841mm x 594mm
A0 1189mm x 841mm

'B' Range

‘B’ Range
B7 125mm x 88mm
B6 176mm x 125mm
B5 250mm x 176mm
B4 353mm x 250mm
B3 500mm x 353mm
B2 707mm x 500mm
B1 1000mm x 707mm
B0 1414mm x 1000mm

'C' Range

‘C’ Range – Envelope Sizes:
C8 81mm x 57mm
C7 114mm x 81mm
C6 162mm x 114mm
C5 229mm x 162mm
C4 324mm x 229mm

American Quarto

American Quarto:
11″ x 8 ½” 280mm x 216mm

Classic Series

Classic Series:
Large Post 419mm x 533mm
Demy 444mm x 572mm
Medium 457mm x 584mm
Royal 508mm x 635mm
Double Crown 508mm x 762mm

SRA Sheet Sizes

SRA Sheet Sizes:
SRA6 160mm x 112mm
SRA5 225mm x 160mm
SRA4 320mm x 225mm
SRA3 450mm x 320mm
SRA2 640mm x 450mm
SRA1 900mm x 640mm
SRA0 1280mm x 900mm

RA Sheet Sizes

RA Sheet Sizes:
RA6 152mm x 107mm
RA5 215mm x 152mm
RA4 305mm x 215mm
RA3 430mm x 305mm
RA2 610mm x 430mm
RA1 860mm x 610mm
RA0 1220mm x 860mm
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