Files Supported

The preferred artwork file format is press-ready PDF, however we can accept any of the artwork file formats listed below:

Files Supported

File Types for Mac and PC

  • Adobe PDF
  • QuarkXpress
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator CS
  • Adobe Photoshop CS
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Word
  • Encapsulated Post Script (EPS)
  • Tiff FilesFiles
Supported Files

Fonts and Images

Please send us any fonts you’ve used, and if you haven’t embedded all the graphics in your artwork, include those too.

All images should be saved as TIFF or EPS, as although we accept JPEGS, delays may arise as each JPEG will need to be converted before running files through our PDF workflow.

Embedded Colour Profiles

When you save your images do not save them with an embedded colour profile. This is the most common cause for the colour of an image to change unexpectedly during the printing process.


Please ensure that if your files have text or graphics that bleed off the edge of the page, you should set the bleed amount to 3mm.

How to send your files

If at all possible, please send us a hard-copy printout of exactly how your job should look. This helps us to see any errors before we prepare your proof, and please include a Purchase Order or Order Form giving full details of your order.

By Email

Send your files to
Please attach a Purchase Order or Order Form giving full details of your order included in your email.

Via Website

You can click on the button where it says “UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE” and fill in the appropriate details to upload you image here.

It’s quicker than post if your image is below the 10MB maximum upload size. It will also be easier for those jobs that are too large for email.

When you upload your files you will have the opportunity to give full details of your order. Alternatively you can call 01483 455281, and talk through your order.

By Post

Files should be sent on CD, DVD or memory stick to the address below.

I J Graphics
2A Merrow Business Park
Merrow Lane

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